Abramchenko instructed to create a vaccine against ASF by 2024

A vaccine against African swine fever (ASF) should be developed and introduced in Russia in 2024. This order was given by Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko. According to her, without creation of an effective vaccine it is impossible to cope with ASF and protect the country from the risks of contamination of territories and reduction of production.

Abramchenko instructed to create a vaccine against ASF by 2024

We expect breakthroughs from science, we have strategic documents, necessary funding, coordination, and readiness of business to participate. I propose to put a point. I ask the Ministry of Education and Science in conjunction with the Russian Academy of Sciences to ensure the development and implementation of an effective vaccine against ASF for farm animals by 2024", – she said.

Abramchenko also instructed to create a system of response to the risks of spread of ASF at all levels, and to develop measures of permanent veterinary control without warning to enterprises.

ASF is a viral disease that affects wild boars and domestic pigs. In its acute form, the disease kills 100% of diseased animals. The disease is not dangerous to humans. The first outbreak of ASF in Russia was recorded in 2007.

SOURCE: Russian News Agency TASS