American MEAT festival at Krivoy Rog city, Ukraine

On September 21, 2018, the USMEF jointly with Meat Manufacture, the largest meat distributor in the region and retail chain of meat delicacy markets, has conducted the US Meat – Pork & Beef - promo within the frame of second MEAT festival for loyal key customers – restaurant groups and final consumers - of the chain at Bokoven’ka tourist complex in Krivoy Rog.

2018-09-Krivoy Rog-01.jpeg

Since the first joint event with Meat Manufacture the company has become a largest meat distributor in the region.

2018-09-Krivoy Rog-12.jpeg

The Meat Manufactures’ chefs and invited Ukrainian chef-consultant Oleg Starun prepared the line of the U.S. Beef & Pork items for tasting and introduction: brisket, flanks, skirts, chuck roll steaks, top sirloin butt cap, pork loin shops wrapped in bacon, pork spareribs St. Louise style, roasted short plate.

2018-09-Krivoy Rog-04.jpegThe Meat Manufacture is going to expand the assortment of the U.S. meat items and the purpose of the event was to introduce new pork and beef items imported from the USA and demonstrate the quality of the U.S. meat products as well as to boost image of the U.S. meat products and to encourage to the US meat sales increase in the market.



SOURCE: AmericanBeefClub