Analysts' forecasts: pork production is expected to grow in Russia

The Center for Agricultural Analytics of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation reports that, according to the forecast of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), next year the volume of pork production in Russia will amount to 3.6 million tons in carcass weight.

Pork production is expected to grow in Russia

As the experts explained, national production satisfies domestic needs, so now companies are focusing on foreign trade as well. Vietnam has been purchasing Russian pork since last year. According to analysts, in the future, domestic manufacturers will enter other sites.

“According to forecasts, pork production in 2020 will increase to 3.52 million tons in carcass weight. Against the background of expectations of growth in domestic demand and a moderate increase in exports, production is projected to grow to 3.6 million tonnes in carcass weight in 2021, ”the report says.

According to the estimates of the American department, in 2020 the consumption of pork will increase by 1.7%, and in 2021 the figure will grow by another 1.75%, to 3.48 million tons.

The USDA expects that in 2020 export deliveries will reach a record of 110 thousand tons, and in 2021 will increase to 130 thousand tons. American experts associate such successes with stable demand from traditional buyers: eastern Ukraine, Belarus, and other countries CIS and EAEU.

In addition, in their opinion, the opening of new markets plays an important role: Hong Kong and Vietnam.