Belarus boosts meat exports

Belarus pork exports grew by 62.2% to 1.88 thousand Mt. In value terms, exports increased by 15.6% to $3.44 million. Vast majority of Belarus pork exports went to Russia.

Belarus boosts meat exports

Deliveries abroad of poultry meat and by-products increased by 23.5% to 153.8 thousand Mt. In value terms, they added 20% to $235.79 million.

In September, 18.8 thousand Mt were shipped abroad. The share of the Russian direction in exports amounted to 67%. Deliveries increased by 3.3% to 103.1 thousand Mt. In value terms, they decreased by 12.6% to $140.06 million.

China is the second export market for Belarusian fowl exports. 27 thousand Mt were supplied, which is 4.3 times more than in the three quarters of last year. Revenue increased 4.9 times to $71.09 million.