Belarus leads in per capita meat production among CIS countries

Among the CIS countries, Belarus leads in meat production per capita - 137 kg, ahead of Russia and Kazakhstan. Domestic meat products are supplied to more than 20 countries. About the development of the industry following a meeting of the board of the department Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Alexei Bogdanov told BelTA.

Belarus leads in per capita meat production among CIS countries

– "We produce 137 kg per person and actually consume 97 kg. Over the past 10 years, production volumes have grown by 34.3%. Now we provide ourselves by 132.8%. Our need for meat, sausage products, meat preserves and semi-finished products is fully satisfied at the expense of domestic production.

Over the past year, 1.285 million tons of meat in slaughter weight were received. Of this volume, poultry meat occupies 42%, pork - 31%, beef - 27%. According to forecasts, Belarus will produce 1.425 million tons in 2025, and 1.517 million tons in 2030. That is, for 10 years.

That is, in 10 years, volumes will grow by more than 18%.

The share of exports in 2020 amounted to about a third of the production of meat and meat products in value terms. The most export-oriented positions are beef (45%) and poultry meat (36%). We supplied meat products to 24 countries of the world. Among them are six new markets - Equatorial Guinea, Singapore, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia. The most voluminous supply of meat products came from Russia, Kazakhstan and China. Deliveries of Belarusian sausage products increased by almost a quarter.”

The Deputy Minister is convinced that it is necessary to expand the product range of meat exports to third countries, to supply canned meat, by-products, sausages and finished meat products. "These products are also in demand in the markets far abroad, but to promote them, including retail chains, it is necessary to actively advertise the Belarusian brand, develop special packaging, participate in exhibitions, create a product distribution network abroad, that is, actively work on marketing policy," he stressed.