Belarus restricts pork imports from Myanmar due to ASF

Belarus restricts the import of pork from Myanmar due to African swine fever (ASF). Such information is available on the website of the Belarus Department of Veterinary and Food Supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, BelTA reports.

Belarus restricts pork imports from Myanmar due to ASFAccording to the World Animal Health Organization, cases of susceptible animal species of African swine fever have been recorded in Myanmar. In this regard, temporary restrictions have been imposed on imports into Belarus of live pigs, zoo and circus animals of susceptible species, pork (including wild boar meat) and other food pork raw materials, as well as products of their processing, leather, hornbeam and intestinal raw materials, bristles, hunting trophies received from animals of susceptible species, other products.

The department informed of the need to take additional control measures to biologically protect pig breeding complexes of all forms of ownership.

African swine fever (Montgomery disease) is a viral disease of domestic and wild hogs. Almost the entire population of sick animals dies. ASF is harmless for humans.