Domestic market in Ukraine on week 37: slight weakening of prices

As noted on the website of the Association of Ukrainian Hog Breeders, during the first decade of the fall, in the local market for live pigs there is a moderate decrease in purchase prices. So, according to results of monitoring on pork prices for hogs in live weight, carried out by analysts of the Association of Ukrainian Hog Breeders, inside quotes of this week lost 1.4% against the previous one.

Domestic market in Ukraine on week 37: slight weakening of prices

During Friday auctions last week, pigs in slaughtering conditions were "painted" a little cheaper than in the last week of summer: pork market operators adjusted purchase prices by 0.25-1.5 UAH/kg downward. Thus, more significant batches were sold within the range of 45-46.75 UAH/kg, and the average market mark fell by 1.4% w-o-w - to 46.2 UAH/kg.

Market players once again note a regional divergence in procurement prices: for example, while procurement prices in the East and in the Center of the country are mainly 45-46 UAH/kg, the prices in the western regions are more often higher than average.

A bit different "price climate" is observed in the resort areas of the southern regions, where the purchase price reaches 48 UAH/kg, and the sales is supported by the mellow season.

Although some representatives of the meat processing industry noted some weakening in purchasing with the approach of the fall, most has agreed that this change is seasonally expected and so far, insignificant. Buyers note the gradual rehabilitation of the proposal with a decrease in demand and an increase in the average slaughter weight of live hogs. On the other hand, such recovery has not yet become massive, so this does not introduce an imbalance in the supply-demand ratio of commercial pork.

SOURCE: Association of Ukrainian Hog Breeders