During the last month, Russian half-carcass pork fell 32.2%

The information and analytical agency EMEAT has been conducting weekly monitoring of pork prices in the Russian market and presented data on their change over the past month in its press release.

The price of Russian pork has fallen

At the 50th week of 2019 in Russia, average prices for live pigs for slaughter decreased by 0.1%, and for half-carcasses - by 2.6%. Half of the carcasses in the Volga Federal District fell most of all, and the belly rose in the Central Federal District. Lumpy pork became cheaper by 0.3%, by-products by 0.1%, bacon became a little more expensive - by 0.1%. During the month, butchering lost 1.6% in price, offal prices decreased by 0.8%, and fat became cheaper by 1.7%.

In the Central region this week, prices for live pigs for slaughter increased by 1%, and half-carcasses fell by 0.7% on average by category. Compared with last month, the cost of domestic bellies has become lower by 13%, and half carcasses by 12.3%. During the year, live pigs became cheaper by 31%, and pork in half-carcases by 32.2%. At the same time, the average weighted prices in the Central Federal District in 2019 are lower than in 2018 by 5.8% (by 6.1 rubles / kg), and half carcasses fell by 7% (by 11.2 rubles / kg).

At the 50th week of 2019, the average prices for pork imported to Russia from South America on CIF terms remained at the level of the previous week, and for the month they fell 0.1% lower. As of December 9, 2019, the cost of pork half carcasses was at the level of $ 2.23 per kilogram (142.1 rubles / kg).

By December 9, 2019, the total price level for imported pork for the month decreased by 0.8%. Prices for pork cuts fell 2.3%, for bacon increased by 4.8%, and for offal grew by 0.7%.