Experts clarified growing prices on pork in Ukraine

After declining of price in the first decade quotations on hogs for slaughtering resumed in the eve of the Easter week.

As analytics of Association of "Ukrainian Hog Breeders" says, last week purchasing price diapason was 40.5-43 UAH/kg, but during last trading was revised upwards - to 44-46.5 UAH per kg, Аgronews informed.

The cost of pork traditionally rises in the pre-Easter week

"According to the experts, contrary to pessimistic estimates of previous weeks, players of the Ukrainian pork market note a revival of consumer activity. "So, individual operators note that pork sales this week are 20-30%, and sometimes 50% higher against week earlier. Individual representatives of the meat processing industry admit that the volumes purchased for this week were sometimes lacking, analysts noted.

Experts argue that consumer activity may traditionally weaken after the Easter. In a week, however, consumer interest in meat will recover as another holiday weekend approaches in early May.

With this in mind, some meat producers tend to see next week 's purchase prices, although they may weaken somewhat, remain within the current range. Recall, in the first half of April there was a decrease in prices for pig meat, but before Easter week they increased sharply.

Earlier it was reported that in the first quarter 2020 increase in prices on live hogs exceeded 20% - from 40 to 50 UAH per kg, and prior to the beginning of summer the pork value will remain at the current level. At the same time, the average purchasing price on pork in live weight in the second half of February decreased by 2% - to 40.5 UAH/kg.