Georgian markets start selling meat with QR codes

Starting May 18, meat products in markets in Georgia will be presented with QR codes, so that consumers can obtain information about the product they are buying with quick response smartphone-friendly barcodes.

Georgian markets start selling meat with QR codes

Meat labeling in Georgia is mandatory under current legislation, and QR codes have now been added to this requirement. Consumers scanning the codes will receive additional information about the place of origin, visual data, date of slaughter and more.

The project will be implemented at the initiative of the National Food Agency of Georgia and with the support of the Animal Identification and Registration System of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. goal.

Deputy head of the agency Vasil Basiladze called this step "another step forward in protecting the interests of consumers."

In accordance with the requirements of agreements signed with the European Union, the National Food Agency has been conducting animal identification since 2012 and 2017. In addition to supporting the FAO system, Georgia is implementing a comprehensive animal registration program and database.