Import of pork to Ukraine breaks records

The volume of imports of pork Ukraine has increased more than 5 times over the year. Data from analysts from Meat-Inform testify to this.

Thus, in 2017, Ukraine imported 8 thousand tons of pork (slaughter weight), in 2018 - 44 thousand tons. In general, by the end of 2018, Ukraine increased meat imports by 30.1% to 272 thousand tons In addition to the main types of meat, lard and offal are imported to Ukraine.

"Basically, these types of raw materials are used in the processing industry for the manufacture of sausages and other meat products," write analysts.

As UNN wrote, in 2018 almost 32 thousand pigs were killed in Ukraine due to the ASF virus. The problem of increasing imports of pork from abroad is connected with this, experts say.

However, according to MP Sergei Trigubenko, the state owes farmers more than UAH 27 million of compensation for losses resulting from ASF.