U.S. Pork for BBQ was conducted on December 26 at Steakhouse Kyiv restaurant in Ukraine. Highly professional specialist, the BBQ Guru of Big Apple Concept and the owner of the Pit Venture Catering company, awesome American Chef who is living in Hong Kong Timothy Broderick has held it for the HRI and retail markets players of Ukraine.

Chef Timothy shared many interesting facts about the history and major techniques of the right BBQ, starting from the meat preparation, smokers, proper temperature regimes, balance between temperature in the smoker and in the meat thickness part, and to dry and wet rubs and mop sauces that are used in the different regions and states of the USA (Memphis Tennessee, East ENC and West WNC of North Carolina, Kansas, Ohio), finishing sauces for glazing, Chef Timothy shared nuances of meat brining and pickle curing. There were represented the U.S. Pork baby back ribs (Crutches), pork spareribs St.Louis style, U.S. Pork Brisket Bones, Pork Bellies, whole ham bone-in for pulled pork, and U.S. Pork skirts in Korean Style.

Despite of the pre-holiday fuss and business of the HRI specialists about 80 restaurateurs, meat buyers, retail category managers of meat restaurants, rib restaurants, large retail chains, attended the seminar.

Companies Grillex and Barrels Meat & Grill appeared to be the technical partners of the event, having provided the different smokers and barrels for the event. White and red wines were donated by Imports Food Kyiv, Ukraine.