Over 300 piglets are transferred daily to the pig complexes of the Tolochinsky district

"We use biological material from pedigree boars of the Duroc breed, characterized by a high percentage of lean meat yield and its excellent performance, including color and marbling,- said Vasily Masko, director of the branch. - Every year we hold about 10.4 thousand farrows. On average, the pig's offspring is 13 piglets. Plans to increase the monthly supply to pig farms from 10 to 11 thousand piglets."

About 50 people are employed in the production – farm operators, locksmiths, veterinarians, livestock technicians, breeders and shop supervisors. The feeding process is mechanized, the microclimate in the rooms is maintained automatically using gas exploders.

Over 300 piglets are transferred daily to the pig complexes of the Tolochinsky district

"We rely on highly qualified personnel and the development of the material and technical base. So, recently modernized several workshops, including changed ventilation shafts. We improved the computer control system of the microclimate, - said Vasily Nikolaevich. - Vladimir Petrovich Nekroshevich, the chairman of agro-industrial complex "Slavyansky Veles” that includes CJSC "Vitebskagroproduct,", provides us with great assistance. In particular, he and his team of specialists, managed to provide us with a feed base and with necessary recipes to obtain high results."

The Narzizovo branch uses the products of a feed mill owned by the parent enterprise. For better and more economically profitable provision of the piglets’ diet with protein, the list of crop plants grown on their own farmland was revised. If previously 700 hectares of grain and rapeseed were sown, 340 hectares of corn, then next season they will give all the areas to “the queen of field” - corn. Equipment and units are purchased for this purpose.

"Today, corn and rapeseed are the main crops in pig farming. The first one gives a yield of 100 and more hundreds kilograms per hectare, the second one - a ground oil-cake, and its cultivation is more profitable than a grain aria, -said Vasily Masko. - In order to increase profitability, our company has created a closed production cycle, starting from the reproductive of purebred pigs and the feed production and ending with a meat processing plant."