Pig multiplying farms of a new type are being built in the Vitebsk region of Belarus

Pig multiplying farm in the agricultural town of Pushki, Liozno district is the first step towards the renewal of the pig industry in the Vitebsk region.

On October 29, Chairman of the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee Nikolai Sherstnev made a planned trip to a pig multiplying farm under construction near the agricultural town of Pushki, where he visited the buildings for repair sows, pregnant sows and farrows, weaners, facilities of the manure treatment plant zone, feed mill, got acquainted with the progress of work.

Pig multiplying farms of a new type are being built in the Vitebsk region of Belarus

The head of the region gave a positive assessment of the observed facility and has noted that in the next five-year plan Vitebshchina should fundamentally change the situation in the pig industry.

- The last pig-breeding complexes were built 30-40 years ago and were characterized by closed cycle. Over time, both approaches and technologies have become obsolete, "said Nikolai Nikolaevich. - The modern approach is separate sites for the production and fattening of pigs, which avoids heavy damage in cases of mass infections, in particular the African swine fever The reproductive under construction here will produce up to 138 thousand head of piglets annually, which will be raised to 30 kilograms, and then transferred for final fattening to the complexes of the Vitebsk Agricultural Association.

The average daily gain will reach 1 kilogram and higher, which is almost twice as much as we have now. New technologies of feeding, ventilation, manure removal will reduce the cost of pork and its products, which will make it even more competitive. Another plus is that the amount of pork produced will increase, which will allow to take full advantage of the capabilities of existing meat processing plants. The same reproductive is being built now near the village of Goryany, Orsha district, in the near future similar ones will appear in the Glubokhsky and Miorsky districts.

SOURCE: vitbichi.by