Pork imports into Ukraine weakened in November

In November, Ukraine imported 3.07 thousand Mt of fresh, chilled and frozen pork. This is a third or more than 1.5 thousand Mt down against a month earlier, said Alexandra Bondarskaya, head of the analytical department of the Association “Svinari of Ukraine” (ASU), citing customs statistics.

Pork imports into Ukraine weakened in November

"The supply of pork from EU countries (mainly Denmark and Poland) at the end of autumn was limited because import quotas have already been utilized. In addition, the price situation in the domestic market also affected the activity of the purchase of imported raw materials: the average price of November was 43.2 UAH per kg, which is more than 5% lower than its average level in October. Given the current situation in the domestic market and the fact that further deliveries of pork from the EU by the end of the year will cost 10-12% more due to import duties, a surge in import activity is not expected at the end of 2020, "said an analyst at ASU.

Pork imports to Ukraine for eleven months of the 2020 year amounted to 26.9 thousand Mt.

"Even though these volumes are slightly higher than last year, the share of such meat raw materials from the total market capacity this year will not exceed 5-6%," the expert adds..

SOUIRCE: Association “Svinari of Ukraine"