Pork production in Primorsky Krai will resume in 2020

Large pork producers in Primorsky Krai plan in 2020 to restore pork production after an epidemic of foot and mouth disease.

The Department of Agriculture and Food of Primorsky Krai reported that due to the epidemic of foot and mouth disease, pork production in the region decreased by one third since the beginning of the year. In total, 4.2 thousand tons of pork were produced in the region over 6 months of the current year (- 35%).


In this regard, manufacturers intend to introduce a new livestock this year so that in 2020 they can begin production of pork.

At the same time, the decrease in production did not cause a shortage of meat in the market. Today, a kilogram of pork in Primorsky Krai costs 240 rubles.

SOURCE: Sfera.fm