Pork in Ukraine dropped in price – Gosstat

Pork prices in Ukraine reduced in January by 2.4% y-o-y; other products of animal origin have risen in price.

This was reported by Nova Vlada with reference to the State Statistics Service (Gosstat). In January 2021, pork lard in Ukraine was sold in average at UAH 81.72 per kg (6.1% up against January 2020); beef - at 149.51 UAH per kg (10.9% up); cooked sausage of first grade - at 104.73 UAH per kg (7.1% increase); frozen fish - at UAH 81.96 per kg (5.1% up); eggs - 32.31 UAH per dozen (56.4% up). At the same time, pork prices within the time from January 2020 to January 2021 reduced by 2.4% to 115.16 UAH per kg.

Pork in Ukraine dropped in price – Gosstat

In January 2021, there is a trend towards an increase in pork imports by 64% compared to the same month of 2020. In January, Ukraine was able to import 1.6 thousand Mt of products, according to the Ukrainian Agricultural Business Club.

Volumes of fresh or chilled pork have increased significantly. In the import structure, share of frozen pork imports was 54%, and of fresh or chilled pork was 46%. The key exporters of these products remain the EU market (77.5%) and Canada (22.5%). Ukraine has an import quota for the EU, which provides for duty-free import of products (20 thousand Mt per year).

The following factors may have influenced the increase in imports: in the global market, the main pork importer – China – banned pork exports from Germany due to the ASF outbreak; pork prices in the EU are currently lower than in Ukraine; increasing cost of Ukrainian pork.

It is worth reminding that the volume of pork imports in 2020 almost equaled the figure for 2018, an increase of 21% compared to the previous period.