Prices for pigs and pork are falling in Russia

The National Union of Swine Breeders recorded a drop in prices for half carcasses and live pigs – by 4.9% and 7.2%, respectively.

During the first week of December 2021, the average cost of live pigs was 96.8 rubles / kg, and half carcasses – 146.4 rubles / kg. A kilogram of cut meat fell in price by 1.7% and cost 228 rubles.


Prices for pigs and pork are falling in Russia

It was noted that the cost of live pigs and half carcasses last week was even lower than the average price for these products at the end of last year.

Experts believe that pork prices are falling due to low demand (Russians are less likely to buy meat after the end of the barbecue season). In addition, the production of pork on the market has grown from January to October of this year, the volume of production of this product in the country increased by almost 1% compared to a year earlier and amounted to 3.99 million tons.

The fact that now the supply for pork on the market is noticeably higher than demand was confirmed by the Miratorg company. They predict that the cost of cuts soon may fall by another 15-20%.

The Ministry of Agriculture adds that the reduction in the cost of pork will continue, since next year there will be a quota for duty-free imports of 100 thousand tons of this type of meat. However, the department does not rule out that if pork production in the country grows, then this measure will be canceled.