Prodo starts to use new genetics

Omsk Bacon (part of PRODO Group of Companies) and Hendrix Genetics signed a long-term agreement on the implementation of a closed breeding program for pigs with new Hypor genetics at the PRODO Group's pig breeding enterprise. This will help increase production efficiency and is in line with both companies' sustainability vision.

Prodo starts to use new genetics

The PRODO Group of Companies began cooperation with Hendrix Genetics several years ago, when a new strategy for the development of the pig breeding business was being worked out. The large-scale investment project for the modernization of Omsk Bacon, the first stage of which was completed in 2019, implies not only the technical re-equipment of the pig breeding enterprise and the increase in capacity, but also the transition to new genetics.

As part of the investment project, three large facilities were launched at Omsk Bacon: the upgraded facilities of the Chunaevsky industrial complex, an artificial insemination station and a breeding reproducer. In 2019, the first pigs and boars of the new Hypor genetics were brought to the new reproducer in the village of Kalinino. These animals have the best production characteristics to date, including high stress resistance, preservation of offspring, increased fertility, good health and excellent meat quality.

Hendrix Genetics will be implementing an advanced BioHypor herd repair program at Omsk Bacon, Luzino. This program is designed to increase production profitability through the accelerated distribution of the best genes, enhanced biosafety, the exchange of detailed information between the parties to the agreement, and comprehensive technical and genetic support.