Quarantine was imposed in Primorsky Territory due to an outbreak of African Swine Fever disease

An outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) occurred in the Primorsky Territory - in the Kirov region, several villages were quarantined at once. On the ways out of the Territory, there were installed checkpoints to prevent the disease spread.

An outbreak of ASF originated in the Primorsky Territory

The press service of the government said that the ASF disease was found in the villages of Stepanovka and Maryanovka. Local farms have already been disinfected. Now quarantine is effective in Kirov, Yakovlevsky districts, Chuguevsky municipal district and Lesozavodsk.

The ASF outbreaks began occurring in the Primorsky Territory last year. All the evidence now suggests that the disease to the region was brought by migrating from China wild boars.

Meanwhile, earlier quarantine acted in the Dalnerechensky district of Primorye. The state veterinary inspectorate said that the ASF outbreak had been taken under control. However, the export of animals and meat from the area is still prohibited – just due to security concerns.