Russian Ministry of Agriculture proposes to zero duties on import of agricultural products and products to Russia

The Ministry of Agriculture proposes to zero duties on the import of agricultural products, raw materials and food to Russia. This is stated in a letter sent by the Ministry to several sectoral branch associations.

"We ask to provide proposals to set a temporary zero rate of import customs duty on agricultural products, raw materials and food imports in order to ensure the stability of the markets of such goods and prevent the rise of prices on them. Information should be provided by March 24, 2020, "- said in a document that was signed by director of the department of food markets Maxim Titov.

The Ministry of Agriculture proposed to zero import duties for agricultural products and products

The letter is sent to 21 largest branch associations, including the Association of Enterprises of the Confectionery Industry (ASKOND), National Meat Association, the National Union of Milk Producers (Soyuzmoloko), the National Hog Breeders Union, the National Fruits and Vegetables Producers Union, the All-Russian Association of the Fishery enterprises, businessmen and exporters (VARPE), the Russian Union of Flour-grinding and Cereal enterprises, the Russia Union of Sugar producers, the Union of Potatoes and vegetables market participants.

According to TASS in the Ministry of Agriculture, representatives of the Ministry are constantly monitoring the country food market of the country and regularly submitting to the sub-commission on Customs-Tariff, Non-Tariff Regulation and Protective Measures proposals on updating tariff and non-tariff policies with regard to foreign trade in agricultural products. However, the final decisions on these issues are taken by the sub- commission at the ECE site.

"In order to contain the increase in prices on socially important products, the Ministry of Agriculture is considering the possibility of initiating the issue of zeroing import duties on certain groups of goods and raw materials for the production of agricultural products," - said the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture.

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