Russian pig breeders got a chance to gain access to the Chinese market

According to the head of the National Union of Pig Breeders, Yuri Kovalev, Russia's chances have risen sharply after China agreed on the principle of regionalization of African swine fever (ASF) for France.

Russian pig breeders got a chance to gain access to the Chinese market

In past China opposed regionalization. That is why the Chinese market has not yet been opened to Russian manufacturers. As soon as an outbreak of ASF was detected in the territory of any country, China completely suspended the import of pork. So, for example, deliveries from Germany were banned when an outbreak of ASF was detected there.

The first good news came late last year when China signed an agreement with France in December to continue exporting even if an ASF outbreak occurs in France. The PRC recognizes regionalization. France will be able to continue to supply pork from those regions that have not been affected by the virus.

This is a very good signal that China is ready for regionalization so as not to close the whole country at once. The agreement with France can become a good precedent for signing similar agreements with other countries.

Without access to the Chinese market, the development of pork exports from Russia will be extremely difficult. Up to 90% of deliveries now accounted for four countries. These are Belarus, Ukraine, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

SOURCE: meatinfo