Threat of ASF spread beyond the outbreak detected in Kursk region

As reported in the territorial administration of the Rosselkhoznadzor, at the agricultural enterprise Reut LLC, where an outbreak of African swine fever was detected in November, only a third of the sick animals were eliminated.

These events had to be held before December 5th. However, as of December 6, at Reut LLC, out of 20.6 thousand pigs, only 6.7 thousand were destroyed.

Threat of ASF spread beyond the outbreak detected in Kursk region

— 11160 pig corpses, 2698 heads of live animals remain in the buildings of the pig-breeding complex. Failure to promptly carry out these measures by the owner of the pig livestock may lead to the spread of ASF outside the Fatezh region and the region as a whole, which will entail a restriction on the sale of pigs and pig products produced throughout the Kursk region, the department noted.

Moreover, the burning of dead pigs in Reut LLC is carried out with gross violations of veterinary rules for the destruction of biowaste, emphasized in the Office of the Rosselkhoznadzor in the Oryol and Kursk regions.

So, disposal is carried out on a site not coordinated with the state veterinary service, the incineration of biowaste took place without the supervision of a veterinary specialist and not until the formation of a non-combustible inorganic residue, as required by veterinary regulations.

In relation to LLC Reut, another protocol was drawn up for violating the veterinary and sanitary rules for the collection, disposal and destruction of biological waste.