Ukraine approved requirements on keeping farm animals

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has registered an order from the Ministry of Economy to approve minimum acceptable requirements on livestock animals’ welfare during their maintenance.

According to Deputy Minister of Economy Sergei Glushchenko, the EU legally regulates the welfare of animals during maintenance, transportation and slaughter. Glushchenko pointed out that after the implementation of European rules of animal maintenance rules, Ukraine will develop rules in other areas.

Ukraine approved requirements on keeping farm animals

The document regulates the minimum areas for keeping various types of livestock animals, establishes standards for their inspection, veterinary services, provision of drinking water and feed, establishes requirements for safety of materials and safety of the premises for animals’ housing, the Ministry of Economy said.

Recall, on February 4, 2020, the Verkhovna Rada adopted Law No. 3318 on veterinary medicine and animal welfare, which introduces a risk-oriented approach to accounting and controlling livestock capacities for export-import activities, and capacities whose activities create an increased risk of spreading animal diseases.

SOURCE: Agro Perspectiva