Ukraine increased pork exports by 27% over 10 months of 2020

Over the first 10 months of 2020, Ukrainian pork exports were 2.3 thousand Mt valued at $5.09 million, which is 27% up y-o-y. This was reported by the press service of the Association "Pig Farmers of Ukraine."

According to the report, pork variety meat exports are spreading faster. So, foreign frozen pork variety meats sales (except for pork liver) were 2.4 times higher than the current pork exports: in January-October there was exported 5.48 thousand Mt totally valued at $3.2 million.

Ukraine increased pork exports by 27% over 10 months of 2020

"Compared to the 3 thousand Mt of relevant products delivered abroad, we have an increase in foreign supplies by 64% in volume terms and by 57% in foreign currency earnings. Given that pork imports of this commodity group have changed a little vs. last year pork imports (3.07 thousand Mt were imported in 2020 against 2.96 thousand Mt in January-October 2019), we have a significant excess of external supplies of pork variety meats over import volumes and a positive foreign trade balance for this commodity position - $0.4 million, "commented Alexandra Bondarskaya, the head of the analytical department of the Association “Pig Farmers of Ukraine".

According to the expert, if you take into account frozen pork liver imports, then Ukraine still remains a net importer of pork variety meats, although the negative foreign trade balance for these positions during the analyzed period decreased by 30% and amounted to $3.35 million.

"In addition to the active export of other frozen pork variety meats, this was facilitated by a reduction in pork liver imports: less than 8 thousand Mt valued at $3.8 million over 10 months of 2020 against 9.6 thousand Mt at $4.56 million," summed up Alexandra Bondarskaya.

It is worth recalling that the sharp increase in the cost of feed due to the situation in the Ukrainian grain market over the past few months has negatively affected the cost of production of livestock products in Ukraine.