Ukraine significantly reduced pork production

According to State Stat data, in August of 2018 there were produced 17 thousand Mt of pork in Ukraine (fresh or chilled), what is 13,1% down against year-to-year level.


Ukraine cut back on frozen pork production. Frozen pork production in August was 300 Mt only and this is 7.6% down against August 2017. However, Ukraine increased beef and veal production (fresh and chilled) by 2.5% per year. Frozen beef and veal production grew over the year by 29.2%.

Reduction of pork production connected with, in fact, uncontrolled expansion of ASF virus.

The disease outbreaks from the year beginning were recorded at the least 123 times.

Farmers air discontent of authorities' slackness in the matter of resistance of the disease expansion.