The U.S. Pork promo at the WINETIME retail chain, Kyiv, Ukraine

To increase the U.S. pork presence and its sales at retail the USMEF conducted the U.S. Pork promo in three gastro markets of the WINETIME retail chain – on Mikola Bazhan prospect, 1e, and Palladin avenue 59b in Kyiv, as well as in Stoyanka village, Melioratorov street 1/3 in the city outskirts, using the NPB checkoff and MAP-P funds for promotional programs.

The American Pork promo at the WINETIME retail chain, Kyiv, Ukraine

These three outlets were chosen due to their Food Courts available for the promo tastings. The chain chefs cooked meals with pulled pork and pork ribs from the USA in the WINETIME Food Courts’ restaurants with samplings for the chain customers, final consumers to feel a real meaty flavor and to define a difference between palatability of the U.S. pork and domestic pork or pork of other origin.

The USMEF managed to get space in refrigerated display cases for the U.S. pork spareribs and baby back ribs to increase sales prior to the New Year and Orthodox Christmas holidays in the country. We think that it’s a big goal for the U.S. pork cuts as nowadays Ukraine is the major market for the U.S. pork in the Region but in Ukrainian retail outlets you can mainly find pork from Spain, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Canada as Ukraine has the FTA with the EU and Canada on pork imports which are supplied at the TRQ regime.

USMEF will continue to work with the WINETIME chain and other Ukrainian retailers to extend a line of the U.S. pork cuts in the chain and to create a greater variety of the U.S. pork products at retail.


Это небольшой, но успех для присутствия свинины из США в рознице самого крупного рынка для американской свинины в Регионе – рынке Украины. В розничных сетях страны проще найти импортную свинину из Испании, Польши, Голландии, так как Украина имеет договор о свободной торговле с ЕС, который предусматривает квоты на беспошлинный ввоз свинины из стран Евросоюза. USMEF продолжит работать с сетью гастро маркетов WINETIME, чтобы расширить число супермаркетов, имеющих на холодильных витринах высококачественную американскую свинину, а также линейку мясопродуктов из американской свинины в рознице.

Источник: Американская Федерация по экспорту мяса