McDonald's shareholder Carl Icahn urged the chain to abandon the meat of pigs grown abusively

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn, who owns 200 shares of McDonald's, nominated two of his own candidates for the chain's board of directors and at the same time criticized the chain's attitude towards pigs. He called on all suppliers of pork for the restaurants of the network to abandon the technology of raising animals in the so-called nesting cages.

Инвестор Карл Айкан призвал сеть Макдональдс отказаться от мяса свиней, выращенных «негуманно»

These are small cages in which sows are kept during pregnancy. Icahn considers the practice to be cruelty to animals, calling it "shameful" in a statement, BBC News notes. Back in 2012, McDonald's promised to stop working with pig farmers who use these cages within ten years. Aikan pointed out that the company did not fulfill this promise in time and demanded that action be taken.

McDonald's responded that it buys approximately 1% of pork produced in the United States, does not produce pork itself, does not process and does not contain pigs.

The company recalled that in 2012 it became one of the first to commit to abandoning the products of manufacturers that use nest cages. The company was unable to fulfill the promise on time, including due to the coronavirus pandemic and epidemics in pigs. By the end of 2022, McDonald’s expects to receive up to 85-90% from pig farmers who are humane towards pigs and will bring its share to 100% by the end of 2024. Now it is not possible to switch exclusively to such meat of the chain.

SOURCE: meatinfo