National Pork Board launches new promotion for pork farming

The National Pig Board (NPB) in the United States is using new funds and its existing budget to promote both pork farming and pork consumption in new marketing campaigns.

On the sustainability front, NPB was selected to lead one of 70 selected projects under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Partnership for Climate-Smart Commodities program.

National Pork Board launches new promotion for pork farming

The NPB proposal “Promoting Sustainable U.S. Pork” “will increase the sustainability of U.S. pork production by incorporating climate-smart farming practices into the feed supply, thereby supporting market demand and price premiums in a booming consumer world.

The focus geography of Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri includes a concentration of pork production facilities supported by local grain production, representing a key region in the overall supply chain.”

Other partners in the $20,000,000 project are Nestle, Sustainable Environmental Consultants, Ducks Unlimited and Farm Credit Council.

NBP also offers its growers the opportunity to complete a farm sustainability report.

NPB also launched a new pork marketing campaign targeting Hispanics. American Hispanic celebrity couple Jorge Bernal and Carla Bierbrager are spearheading the implementation of the "Ponle Pork" project, which will promote new ways to cook and serve pork.

The NPB study shows that taste remains the main determinant of pork purchases among Hispanics, however, they often view pork only as a main course and not as an ingredient in other dishes. For example, a mixture of ground pork and quinoa can be used to stuff bell peppers, which are then grilled. This and many more recipes are available on NPB's new Spanish-language pork recipe site, Pork Es Sabor.

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