Pork's Mission to be the Most Sustainable Meat

Animal welfare and good environmental practices are top of mind for consumers. They want to know pig farmers share their values and expect the industry to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable production.

Pork's Mission to be the Most Sustainable Meat

That is why NPB is funding research and developing tools for producers and the industry to take credit for our progress.

Funded by Pork Checkoff dollars and in collaboration with National Pork Producers Council, NPB recently published the first official U.S. Pork Industry Sustainability Report. The report highlights action-based goals – developed by America’s pig farmers – aligning with the We Care® Ethical Principles.

“The producers involved in this effort wanted the industry’s goals to align with sustainability efforts globally while also making sure the approaches to accomplish them were as diverse as the 60,000-plus farms in our industry. As a result, these goals are truly measurable and also meaningful on a global and local scale,” said Sara Crawford, Ph.D., vice president of sustainability for NPB.

Read the 2021 Pork Sustainability Report to learn about the goals, commitments, and metrics.