Cola for piglets and its use

In Switzerland, the production of a special cola for piglets continues to facilitate the transition from milk to solid feed with the prevention of diarrhea.

Cola for piglets and its use

Just at the moment when the weaned piglets stop receiving sow's breast milk, the transition to solid feed is a great stress: the intestinal microflora must quickly adapt to the new feeding. During this delicate phase, the risk of diseases, in particular diarrhea, increases. Maternal antibodies that piglets have ingested in colostrum on the first day of life are slowly used up around the third week of life, and E. coli infections become active. As a preventive measure, many Swiss pig farmers give their piglets products such as cola or vinegar with a low pH value and a correspondingly high acid content.

The acidic solution promotes digestion, inhibits pathogens in the piglets' stomachs and thus prevents diarrhea. In addition to good stable hygiene and caring animal care, these products are therefore very valuable to pig producers.

In Switzerland, Landi sells various drinks under its own Farmer brand, and until six months ago offered a classic cola to the public, but then dropped it from the range.

SOURCE: meatinfo