Cooking Demonstration Helps Peruvian Importer Introduce New U.S. Pork Cuts

Having successfully encouraged a major South American importer to introduce new U.S. pork cuts to its clients, USMEF conducted a cooking demonstration in Lima, Peru. The demonstration, which focused on U.S. pork brisket bones and riblets, was funded by the Pork Checkoff.


Chef Nicolas Diaz prepares U.S. pork brisket bone and riblets during a USMEF cooking demonstration conducted in Lima, Peru

More than 50 retail buyers and distributors that purchase red meat from Halema, the third-largest U.S. pork importer in Peru, attended the event.


Chef Nicolas Diaz and Jessica Julca, USMEF representative in South America, provide an overview of the U.S. pork industry

“Even though U.S. pork cuts have had good acceptance among Halema’s clients, the company had been somewhat reluctant to introduce new cuts,” explained Jessica Julca, USMEF representative in South America. “But during a meeting with Halema’s owner, he mentioned hearing about some new cuts but wasn’t sure how his customers could use them. We suggested a cooking demonstration that would serve not only as an introduction to these new cuts, but also generate new recipes and menu ideas.”


Tasting samples of four U.S. pork dishes were given to prospective customers during the USMEF cooking demonstration

Halema representatives liked the idea and placed an order for U.S. pork brisket bones and riblets.

The USMEF cooking demonstration included an overview of the U.S. pork industry conducted by Julca and Chef Nicolas Diaz. Following the cooking demonstration, attendees were given samples of four recipes prepared by Diaz using U.S. pork brisket bone and riblets: pulled pork sandwich, salted brisket bone with cocktail potatoes, honey barbecue riblets with grilled vegetables and riblet wantons.

Julca said the cooking demonstration was a success and the company is now considering holding similar events in other Peruvian cities such as Trujillo and Chiclayo.

Halema has been doing business in the Peruvian market for 31 years, but to this point had mostly imported U.S. hams and loins.

“It’s exciting that we were able to convince Halema to try these new U.S. pork cuts and that they had such a positive response to our cooking demonstration,” said Julca. “The company’s clients were impressed, so we hope the ideas provided at the demonstration will be carried on to other clients in the market and will lead to increased sales of U.S. pork.”