Lithuania will export frozen food to Ukraine

Last year, the Baltic republic received permission to supply pigs and pork to a neighboring country, as well as sheep and goats.

Lithuania will supply frozen food to Ukraine, the press service of the State Food and Veterinary Service (VMVT) reports. The parties agreed on veterinary requirements. Lithuanian producers will be able to export combined food products to Ukraine (frozen pizza, dumplings, etc.).


In addition, it was decided that in the near future, the Lithuanian regulator will accept Ukrainian specialists who will be able to familiarize themselves with the procedures for food and veterinary control, as well as the organization of work at the border with Lithuania. Ukraine plans to start building border veterinary posts that will meet EU requirements.

As VMVT head Darius Remeyka noted, the trade in pigs and pork products is becoming increasingly difficult due to the threat of African swine fever (ASF), but the example of Lithuania shows that measures to control and prevent disease in the country are working. He added that the best confirmation of this is an agreement with Ukraine.

Last year, Lithuania agreed on the export of sheep and goats to the Ukrainian market. Lithuanian manufacturers also supply pigs, pork and semi-finished products to the neighboring country.

According to VMVT, over the five months of this year, Lithuanian producers exported to Ukraine over 33 thousand tons of fish and fish products, about 1.3 thousand tons of meat and meat products, over 0.2 thousand tons of dairy products.

SOURCE: Sputnik