Meat prices in Moldova continue to rise

Products are becoming more expensive - one of the key food products in the food basket of the republic residents - meat has ceased to be in demand.

Meat prices in Moldova continue to rise

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 infection and drought, meat rose by an average 5-10%. Sellers attribute the increase in value to rising prices for animal feed. And low sales are due to a lack of money from consumers - reports website

Last year, according to the implementers, during a day it was possible to sell a whole pork carcass, which is 100-120 kilograms of pork meat. Now sales have halved. The coronavirus crisis forced consumers to refuse meat, which became too expensive for them, and buy only the most necessary food.

Meat producers are confident that prices will continue to increase. Especially during the New Year holidays and next spring, when grain stocks will run out and there will be nothing to feed cattle.