U.S. Pork Loin Focus of Promotional Efforts in Hong Kong

U.S. pork loin is taking center stage as the featured product in promotions at a fast-food restaurant chain and at a new Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong.

Funded by the National Pork Board, the thick-cut campaign is the result of a partnership with Fairwood, the second largest fast-food restaurant chain in Hong Kong. USMEF worked to develop U.S. pork cutlet items on Fairwood’s lunch and dinner menus, as well as its special takeout menus. The campaign, which began in May and runs through August, is expected to be a boost for U.S. pork loin.

American Pork Loin Focus of Promotional Efforts in Hong Kong

A separate effort to promote U.S. pork loin featured USMEF using social media to call attention to the Gyu-katsu tonkatsu restaurant, a Japanese business that in February opened its first location in Hong Kong. The restaurant is opening a second location in Hong Kong in July.

USMEF’s effort to enhance the image of U.S. pork in Hong Kong also includes a new video shared by social media influencers “Meat Dee and Natalie,” who discussed U.S. pork butt and belly while demonstrating the preparation of pork steak and soup.