World's largest vertical 26-story pig farm opens in China

In China's Ezhou City, Hubei Province, Zhong Xin Kai Wei Elevage Moderne welcomed the first 3,700 breeding pigs to its 26-story concrete tower in early October as reported.

The building is equipped with a real-time ventilation, temperature, and humidity monitoring system and six giant elevators capable of transporting 240 pigs at a time. Everything is regulated remotely from the control room.

China has opened the largest vertical 26-storey pig farm in the world

The company is also trying to implement "circular production", including high-temperature anaerobic fermentation (independent of oxygen), which will produce up to 120,000 cubic meters of biogas per day from manure.

After desulfurization, this biogas can be used for electricity generation. It will help keep the pigs warm, provide hot water for washing the animals to care for their health, and at the same time reduce harmful emissions.

The developers of the project claim that this approach will help solve two tasks at the same time: reduce the use of agricultural land and meet the rapid growth in demand for pork.

SOURCE: meatinfo