Russia VPSS changed terms of supply of pigs and pig-breeding products from the European Union

Russia VPSS changed terms of supply of pigs and pig-breeding products from the European Union due to African Swine Fever (ASF) spread.



As reported in materials of the Service, "in connection with the publication of the new version of the implementing decision EU 2014/709/EU of October 30, 2018, the Russia VPSS since November 21 allows supply of live pigs, embryos of pigs and boar sperm, pork from the EU countries localities that have been satisfactory in terms of ASF diseases" except for a number of territories which are specified in the appendix to the document.

As the VPSS press secretary Yulia Melano explained to Interfax, the innovation is that in this decision the Service accepted regionalization of the EU on ASF. "If earlier we banned deliveries of pigs and pig-breeding products, proceeding from administrative division of EU Member States, then now the ban concerns only territories which have been in the ASF risk zone", she said.

Besides, Russia VPSS provided requirements on regime of treatment of pig-breeding products guaranteeing destruction of the ASF virus for these product deliveries into the Russian Federation from ASF contaminated EU territories in accordance with provisions of the Terrestrial Animal Health Code.

In this regard since November 21 it's has been allowed to supply ready-to-eat pork products, end-products that contain pork and raw materials of animal origin from the EU enterprises located in the administrative territories unsuccessful for ASF. These products must be treated to guarantee destruction of ASF virus.

However, despite the made decision, deliveries of pigs and pig-breeding products from the EU are unavailable now due to the Russian food embargo which has been effective since August 2014. It, particularly, spread to live pigs and pig-breeding products of the EU origin.

SOURCE: Interfax