U.S. Senators Re-Enact Livestock Transport Reform Act

The Agricultural Transport Modernization Act will reform the Department of Transportation's HOS rules for trucks and will delay the introduction of Electronic Registration Devices (ELDs) until reforms are formally proposed by the Minister of Transport.

U.S. Senators Re-Enact Livestock Transport Reform Act

The bill also creates a working group within the Department of Transportation, which will include stakeholders from the transportation and agriculture industries, the USDA and security officials.

The group will assess the impact of existing regulations on HOS and ELDs for the commercial transport of livestock and other goods. They will also develop guidelines for reforming the rules and issue a report.

The Minister of Transport should then propose regulatory changes for opening hours and electronic registration devices based on the recommendations of the working group.

SOURCE: Meatinfo.ru
Image courtesy of: pixabay.com