USDA raises global pork production forecast

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) raised its 2023 global pork production forecast by 3 percent, from 110.98 million tons to 114.09 million tons.

USDA raises global pork production forecast

As noted, the increase was mainly due to a projected 3 million tons (up to 55 million tons) increase in production in China on the back of the lifting of covid restrictions.

Production forecasts for other countries remain largely unchanged, says the review. Thus, output of pork in EU countries might amount to 22.58 million tons, in the USA – 12.47 million tons, in Brazil – 4.44 million tons, in Canada – 2.07 million tons and in Mexico – 1.6 million tons.

Despite the expected increase in production, China will remain the largest importer of pork and may purchase 2.1 million tons in 2023 (1.7 million tons in the preliminary forecast), imports to Japan are estimated at 1.48 million tons and to Mexico at 1.24 million tons. Overall, the global forecast for pork imports was raised from 9.54 million tons to 9.81 million tons. In 2022, the figure was 9.39 million tons.

The largest exporter of pork in the world in 2023 could be the EU with a figure of 3.95 million tons, followed by the United States (2.88 million tons), Canada (1.4 million tons) and Brazil (1.37 million tons). Total for the year may be exported in the world 10.73 million tons of pork (plus 0.23 million tons compared to the previous forecast), in 2022, the world trade is estimated at 10.87 million tons.