Webinar Shows Caribbean Chefs how to Prepare and Deliver U.S. Red Meat for ‘To Go’ Orders

Helping importers and foodservice operators in the Caribbean adjust to changing business conditions during COVID-19, USMEF organized and presented “Protecting Protein in a ‘To Go’ Environment,” a virtual training session focused on preparing and transporting red meat dishes for take-out and delivery.

Webinar Shows Caribbean Chefs how to Prepare and Deliver U.S. Red Meat for ‘To Go’ Orders

With funding from the National Pork Board and the Beef Checkoff Program, USMEF developed the program for partners in the Caribbean, Central America, South America and Mexico. Chef Tim Murray of RDS Foods led the workshop and was assisted by USMEF Chef German Navarrete.

Murray’s career has included developing customized proteins for national and international companies such as Popeyes, Arby’s, Hardees, Red Robin, Dunkin Brands and Chili’s. Cooking techniques, packaging and transport were main topics during the session. Navarette fielded questions about how to improve the U.S. red meat experience when plastic and containers and reheating are involved.

“Because restaurants and foodservice businesses faced a situation where they couldn’t host customers and had to develop take-out and delivery systems, we planned this virtual workshop to help them learn from an expert,” explained Liz Wunderlich, USMEF representative in the Caribbean.

“We reached out to importers and asked them to invite their clients. Our goal was to help them understand how to preserve a center-of-the- plate ‘to-go’ experience for their customers. If not prepared and handled properly, the quality of expensive proteins like steak or chops can suffer between the restaurant kitchen and someone’s home.