13-storey pig farm to be built in China

Multi-storey pig farms for the country's largest herd are being built in China to restore the livestock of these livestock after outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF), reports Veterinary and Life, citing Vice news reports.

13-storey pig farm to be built in China

The Guangxi Yangxiang Company is building a farm in the vicinity of the capital of the PRC for the largest herd of pigs in the world. It is assumed that 30 thousand sows will move into the multi-storey "apartments", which will be able to bring 840 thousand piglets a year. For comparison, an ordinary large Chinese pig farm can keep 8 thousand sows - moreover, on a larger area than the "pig city".

The construction cost half a billion yuan (almost 5.8 billion rubles).

Experts say that the complex provides for unprecedented safety measures that are designed to protect the herd from dangerous diseases. For this, a system is provided for dividing young and adult animals into floors and a ventilation system that prevents air circulation between the levels.

The COVID-19 coronavirus dealt a strong blow to pig breeding. In the United States, the largest meat processing plants were quarantined in April of this year, and as a result, pig farmers were forced to destroy tens of thousands of animals whose meat had nowhere to process.