The Mexican Institute of Pig Farming launched

The Ministries of Agriculture and Rural Development and Economy, in coordination with the Organization of Mexican Pork Producers, have launched the Mexican Institute of Pig Farming whose objective is to promote scientific and technological research and make it more accessible to small- and medium-scale producers.

The Mexican Institute of Pig Farming launched

The new agency will be fundamental in promoting greater standardization of sanitary norms and good animal husbandry practices, to the direct benefit of domestic and international consumers. With the creation of IMP, routes will be redefined, and new horizons will be created to promote success stories for the pork industry and producers, as well as to consolidate Mexico as a leading global player in the production of high-quality pork products.

The Institute, in addition to serving as a link between Mexican pig farmers, aims to promote the benefits of pork among the public, with arguments based on science, thus dispelling myths surrounding the industry.

In order to reduce the cost of these technological processes for small and medium-sized pig farmers, the Institute will serve as a validator and generator of standard models, which will enable them to have the necessary tools to compete better in the domestic market and venture into international markets.

SOURCE: meatinfo