One in ten pig farms might close in France

If pork prices are not immediately raised, one in ten pig farms might close next month, French pig breeders' organization INAPORC has warned.

The French Interprofessional Council for Pig Production (INAPORC) has called for a significant increase in the pig carcass and piglet prices to keep pig producers from giving up their business in the coming months.

One in ten pig farms might close in France

According to INAPORC, at least one in ten pig farms in France will shut down due to soaring production costs. Over the past twelve months, the yield threshold has not been reached even once.

Since the beginning of 2022, feed costs have increased by 25%, resulting in a significant gap between costs and revenues. In April, the producer price reached 1.85 euros per kg, while production costs rose to more than 2 euros per kg.

Even though the producers must partially offset their losses under the sustainability plan, the situation remains dire, INAPORC emphasized. The Ukrainian crisis has increased the cost of feed, and the outbreak of African swine fever in Germany and Italy, followed by an export ban, has led to stagnation, or even decline in pork prices due to excess stocks.

The organization warned that immediate increases in producer prices would be needed to stabilize the sector and related industries across the supply chain. About 130,000 people are employed in French pig production, according to INAPORC.

SOURCE: meatinfo