Three new outbreaks of ASF detected in Poland

Three new outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) have occurred in Poland in recent days, according to the State Food and Veterinary Service of Lithuania. Outbreaks have occurred on commercial farms with 27 to 976 pigs.

Three new outbreaks of ASF detected in Poland

The first infection was detected on a Polish farm, which is part of Restricted Zone II, where the risk of ASF virus penetration into farms remains high, as it spreads well in the wild.

Another farm also took samples for ASF testing and disease detection, and the farm also falls into restricted area II.

The third outbreak occurred last week on a 976-pig farm, resulting in the death of two sows. The owner of the farm informed the veterinarians of the situation, and an investigation was carried out. The pigs kept on the farm have increased fever, decreased appetite and mobility, and also increased their mortality. This farm is in the zone of restrictions III.

The pigs raised on these farms will be destroyed to prevent the spread of the disease, and the farm will be cleaned and disinfected.

An investigation is underway to uncover how the disease spread to the farms.

Lithuanian pig farmers in Poland's neighborhood have been warned that summer is a particularly high risk of the spread of the ASF virus. It is necessary to ensure that unauthorized persons do not visit the farm, pigs are not kept with animals from fields, pastures and they are fed only with heat-treated feed.