Chinese E-commerce Companies Focus of U.S. Beef and Pork Training

To raise the profile of U.S. beef and pork and increase how often they are shared and recommended online, USMEF conducted on-site staff training for two popular ecommerce companies in Shanghai. Funded by the Beef Checkoff Program and National Pork Board, the training with Penguin Market and Acorn Fresh included education, cooking demonstrations and tastings.

USMEF conducted trainings for two e-commerce companies in Shanghai that sell U.S. beef and porkUSMEF consultant Sanji Jiang highlighted a variety of U.S. beef and pork cuts, offering a host of cooking applications, storage tips and defrosting techniques. He also explained the difference between grass-fed beef and grain-fed beef and emphasized the advantages of U.S. beef and pork over competitors’ products. The featured cuts were U.S. beef ribeye steak, heel muscle, chuck flap and rib fingers, along with U.S. pork CT butt and spareribs.

Penguin Market has introduced several U.S. red meat products in the past year, including beef steak, spicy beef strips, burger patties and pork spareribs. Acorn Fresh is the fresh food brand under Acorn International. U.S. beef products are the only imported brand currently being sold on its e-commerce platform, and sales are gradually increasing.

"Since these two e-commerce companies have never received training on U.S. red meat before, we wanted to provide it for the employees, with a goal of increasing their knowledge and understanding of U.S. red meat,” said Ming Liang, USMEF marketing director in China. “Each training provided an opportunity for us to introduce them to new cuts of U.S. beef and pork and share ideas for selling more of these cuts.”