Master class on the U.S.Pork will be conducted in Lviv

The American Federation for Meat Export (USMEF) jointly with company Grillex Ukraine will be conducting a master class on pork from the USA "U.S. Pork for BBQ and more!"

The master class will be held on Monday, November 23, 2020 at the Antrekot restaurant, 60 Shevchenko Street, Lviv, Ukraine.

Master class on the U.S.Pork will be conducted in Lviv

Grillex Ukraine, an importer and distributor in Ukraine of American professional and household grilles, smokers and other equipment and related barbecue products.

At the U.S. Pork master class there will be introduced pulled pork from pork ham bone-in, Porterhouse and T-bone pork chops, pork skirts, St. Louis-style pork spare ribs and baby back ribs, as well as pork bacon from pork belly, cured, smoked and grilled on the Grillex equipment.

Master class in pork from the USA will be held by Ukrainian chefs Oleg Starun, Steakhouse Kiev, and Alexander Voronkov, Grillex Ukraine, Lviv.

Behind chef Oleg Starun there are numerous master classes, including master classes, training, tastings, held jointly with USMEF throughout Ukraine and Georgia, and many years of great experience related to meat from the USA. Oleg Starun was trained in the state of Texas under the Beef 101 program.

Oleg Starun conquered fans of the U.S. meat from all over Ukraine with his culinary masterpieces. Oleg opened the famous restaurant "GOODMANSTEAKHOUSE" Kyiv, in which he successfully worked for many years; his professional activity is also associated with the “Beef: Meat & Wine” steakhouse in Kyiv. He currently works as a chef at the Steakhouse Kyiv.