Russia to start exporting pork to China by mid-2024

Russia to start exporting pork to China by mid-2024, according to Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko. This will be an important step for the Russian pork industry, as China is one of the largest pork consumers in the world.

Россия готовится начать экспорт свинины в Китай к середине 2024 года

For several years, the General Customs Administration of China has been negotiating with Russian agencies, and the result has been the lifting of restrictions for all regions of Russia. Now it is necessary to issue the relevant documents and agree on the examination procedures for enterprises engaged in the supply of pork to the Chinese market.

In addition, the lack of plans to impose new restrictions on food exports by the Russian authorities create a favorable situation for the development of pork exports. This underscores Russia's desire to strengthen its economic ties with China and open new opportunities for Russian manufacturers.

It is expected that the start of pork supplies to China will attract the attention of other countries and international markets. This can be an incentive for the development of the pig industry in Russia and improve the quality of pork to meet the requirements of the Chinese market.

Thus, pork exports to China represent great potential for the Russian economy and the Russian pig industry. It will expand markets and strengthen economic ties between Russia and China. By mid-2024, pork supplies can be expected to begin, which will be an important step for the development of Russian exports and strengthening its position in the international pork market.

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