U.S. Pork Cooking Demo at Paulaner beerhouse in Almaty, Kazakhstan

U.S. Pork Cooking demo for chefs and meat buyers of ethnic cuisine restaurants was conducted in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The workshop tool place at the Paulaner beer restaurant on September 15. The purpose of the workshop was to demonstrate the high quality and features of the U.S. Pork. Chef Pavel Onoprienko, Paulaner beerhouse, created special recipes for U.S. Pork presentation using his skills and experiences in work with pork of various origin - from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and South America.

American Pork Cooking Demo at Paulaner beerhouse in Almaty

He shared his secrets in cooking of :
  • pork pate with onion jam and cranberries on borodino bread;
  • roasted pork shank with crispy coating in Bavarian style with sauerkraut and pork shank gravy;
  • Vienna schnitzel with potato salad and berry compote sauce;
  • steamed Bao buns with pulled pork, kimchee, baked apple mash and tofu sauce;
  • pork ribs marinated in orange BBQ sauce with a touch of wheat beer;
  • pork loin chops with homemade Ajika sauce and grilled vegetables;
  • pork medallions wrapped in bacon with pepper sauce.

Chef Pavel used for cooking and presentation U.S. Pork Boston Butt, Picnic Cushion meat, Ham, Spareribs St. Louis style, Loin boneless cuts.

U.S. Pork Cooking demo gathered 20 specialists, HRI market players from ethnic restaurants of Almaty and displayed variety of U.S. Pork cuts and muscles, unique meaty taste and high-quality consistency.