The Armenian government has introduced a tariff quota for the import of beef, pork and poultry meat

There was a need to develop a procedure for the distribution of quotas for the import of certain types of agricultural products to the Republic of Armenia among the participants of foreign economic activity.

В Армении применена тарифная квота на импорт говядины, свинины и птицы

The Government of Armenia at its meeting on November 9 approved the procedure for applying the tariff quota to certain types of agricultural goods imported into the territory of the Republic of Armenia, the procedure for importation, the forms of one-time and main licenses.

Considering that the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Economy is the responsible body of the state administration of non-tariff regulation within the framework of membership in the Eurasian Economic Union, the latter is recognized as the authorized body for issuing licenses for the import of certain types of agricultural products.

The following quotas were set:

  • Meat of cattle, frozen, fresh, or chilled – 9,000 tons per year,
  • Pork, fresh, chilled or frozen –12,000 tons
  • Meat and edible offal of poultry – 39,100 tons

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