U.S. Pork Cooking Demo in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

U.S. Pork Cooking Demo is held on December 8, 2023, in popular Tbilisi outlet Gastro Bar Alco Hall, 11 Ilo Mosashvili St, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Invited chef-consultant and USMEF Ambassador Kote Zhbakov is cooking splendid U.S. Pork, displaying know-hows, and is sharing his great experience in working with pork in general and particularly with U.S. Pork.

The chef has included into the workshop menu Pork Ham bone-in "carving station" in honey & mustard glazing, Orange BBQ Back Ribs, Pork Spareribs St. Louis style in crushed tomato sauce, Pork Cushion Tonkotsu schnitzel, Pork Loin medallions in bacon with La Tomatina cheese, Boston Butt Pulled Pork, and traditional American "burnt ends", fragrant smoked diced Pork Belly.

We start at 2 p.m.